Jump Life Wales: One Small Step

Falling with Style in the North Wales Hinterland

Depending on what you’ve seen or heard of cliff jumping, you might, at first glance label Jump Life Wales as a bunch of Red Bull-chugging, blue Smarties munching juvenile delinquents with no regard for their health or the laws of physics. Nonetheless, throughout history, people have always said the same of adventurers who keep pushing the boundaries and connections between humans, nature and in this case, gravity, and you can’t blame the Jump Life Wales crew for taking controversial footsteps in the name of adventure as there’s certainly a lot to be said for their skill, nerve and creativity. Watching their online videos puts you right in the divers’ shoes with panoramic point-of-view shots of the action, as well as slow motion sequences, if you share their passion for adrenaline, they do a great job of conveying a sense of their attraction to this extreme sport, as they say themselves “Adrenaline is the only superpower that we have...” .

Jump Life Wales describe themselves modestly as “just a bunch of mad people doing crazy things. While capturing it on the way…” – more conventionally described –  Combine idyllic stunning scenery with heart-stopping acrobatic freefall performed by trained divers, throw in a camera to capture it all and the result is a visual art known as either ‘cliff jumping’, ‘tombstoning’ or simply ‘high diving’.

Their exploits are extremely well documented,  capturing their physical, visual art on camera and sharing regular updates via various media platforms such as Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt-2BsJO41r4cTWStlXMphw/videos and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jumplifewales/. (Where they also emphasise the importance of following safety and the fact that they are trained for what they do).

The popularity of this extreme sport is making a steep ascent and has been gaining some legitimacy and traction in the mainstream over the past few years, thanks to the participation of more publicly credible pro level high divers. This added dimension of professionalism is edging away from its controversial history of untrained jumpers leaping into unchecked waters resulting in serious injuries or even tragedies amongst novices who don’t adhere to the correct safety procedures.

For those who (arguably) respect the great forces of nature and play by her rules, the sport has elevated to Red Bull fame in which the professional competitors battle it out in breathtaking international locations from sheer faced cliffs, bridging the gap between natures goliath power and the human body’s gyroscopic capabilities.

Multiple exposure picture of Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series
Photo from the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

Back to Jump Life Wales, who are making a name for themselves as a collective of cliff jumpers pushing limits whilst putting the pristine nature of Wales on the map in a way that most people won’t have experienced before. Jump Life Wales take a step away from the competitive side of the sport , and leap towards a focus on creating an experimental and entertaining experience for themselves and viewers.

In their Youtube videos they can be seen vaulting majestically into the radiant natural waters of some of Wales’ most striking locations, featuring Dorothea Quarry in the Nantlle Valley, Lady Falls (Sgwd Gwladys), Brecon Beacons National park, Blue Lagoon in Pembrokeshire. Just watching these guys throw themselves from those heights is enough to get pulses racing no matter how stylishly executed, but actually jumping from cliffs escalating as high as 80 feet, these guys certainly need a big pair of water booties to hold their nerve. And that’s only half the work, falling with such style takes a lot more than nerves, a lot of training goes in to sending multiple backflips and rotations before safely breaking the waters’ surface. These guys are well versed in vertical freefall and can be seen showcasing their training sessions at indoor diving pools around the country on their social media outlets.

The compelling thing about Jump Life Wales is that they transform this individual, and oftentimes competitive sport into a community of like minded jumpers exploring their home country with good friends hunting down the thrill of living in the moment. There is no air of competition with Jump Life Wales, more a taste for creativity than competitiveness, and the vibes from their videos showcase more of a lust for life than a risking of it.


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