Christmas Gifts for North Wales

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us. Whilst the weather has turned cold, our hearts become warm in what is a joyous period full of festivities, love and joy.

NorthWalestagram have put together some of their top Christmas gift ideas that will go down an absolute treat to anyone with a soft spot for anything North Wales. From stocking fillers to big-treat presents, here are our top ideas you can get right now!

Photographing North Wales Book

A spectacular photography book that shows some of the best beauty spots in North Wales. This is perfect for those that are looking at exploring North Wales more in the new year, or for those that just fancy learning (and seeing) more and more about the region.

Why we love it? Each section tells you exactly where to go, whats nearby and even where to park!

For details and options to purchase this book for Christmas, go here – Photographing North Wales Book

Ash Dykes Mission: Possible Book

A must read for any aspiring adventurer. Ash Dykes, an explorer from North Wales became the first person to walk, solo and unsupported, across Mongolia. His journey took 78 days and saw him trek over the Altai Mountains, the Gobi Desert and the Mongolian Steppe. He then spent more than five months traversing the length of Madagascar via its eight highest peaks – another worlds first.

Why we love it? Ash is North Wales’ very own, and in this book reveals the planning, training, determination and spirit that went into his record breaking feats. It will inspire you to get out there and challenge yourself.

For details and options to purchase this book for Christmas, go here – Ash Dykes – Mission: Possible Book

Welsh Microbrewed Beers

This case contains 12 bottles of some of the finest Welsh microbrewed beers. There are a mixture of bottles from breweries such as Conwy Brewery situated on the picturesque North Wales coast; Celt Brewery based in Caerphilly;  Monty’s Ales from Montgomery, mid Wales, meaning you or someone close can enjoy flavours and styles from all over Wales.

Why we love it? Wales has a number of hidden talents when it comes to brewing. This bottle set gives you a chance to discover some real gems that are crafting beautiful beers on our homeland.

For details and options to purchase this beer set for Christmas, go here – Welsh Microbrewed Beers

DJI Mavic Drone

Small and powerful drone that is considered the best value for money on the market today. Perfect for those who want to enjoy gliding over the countryside and mountains, taking lots of photos and videos along the way.

Why we love it? Lots of our top contributors on our Instagram feed use this drone and camera to take magical photos!

For details and options to purchase the drone for Christmas, go here – DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Drone – Grey

If you are looking for a cheaper drone, perhaps more suitable to a novice, or teenager, try this one – GoolRC Drone and Camera

Canon EOS 1300D DSLR Camera

Perhaps one of the most suitable ‘serious’ cameras for an aspiring photographer or videographer. It is a ‘best seller’ as it offers incredible camera ability, ease of use and price.

Why we love it? Many of our Instagram contributors use this camera to take incredible photos! See some of the photos here.

For details and options to purchase this camera for Christmas, go here – Canon EOS 1300D DSLR Camera

Thick Warm Hiking Socks

As the weather becomes cold, the landscapes of Wales transform into a very special place. Whilst many like to hike and be outdoors in the Spring and Summer, the cold weather from the Winter means that there are some incredible atmospheric walks to enjoy and some very unique photos to be taken. Besides, it will be quieter on the hills, woodlands and mountains making for a more peaceful, crisp and highly enjoyable wander. Just don’t forget to wear some warm socks!

For details and options to purchase these socks for Christmas, go here – Thick Warm Hiking Socks

A few nights away in North Wales accommodation

North Wales is renowned as one of the most incredible places in the world to enjoy some down time. For those that already live here, it is easy to forget about just exactly what we have on our doorsteps to enjoy each and every day. Why not book a few nights away in a gorgeous Welsh cottage, boutique hotel or sea-view apartment for a few nights for you, friends, family or a partner as a Christmas gift?

Why we love it? We love North Wales. We love big discounts too!

We are giving £25 off your first trip through Airbnb through this following link.

Get £25 off your first Airbnb trip here

Penderyn Welsh Whisky

A real gem of a Christmas present for someone this year. Penderyn Welsh Whisky is renowned across the world and is made up in our very own country. The Gold Medal award winning single malt whisky from the only distillery in Wales. The unique distilled single malt whisky is matured in bourbon barrels and finished in Madeira casks to impart a generous flavour of subtle complexity.

Why we love it? It is a Welsh whisky that tastes incredible. Always makes for a fantastic gift.

For details and options to purchase this whisky for Christmas, go here – Penderyn Welsh Whisky

Snowdonia Cheese

snowdonia cheese black bomber

What goes down well at Christmas… CHEESE! Snowdonia Cheese is Wales’ very own favourite – and it’s no wonder thanks to the gorgeous flavours, tastes and presentation. These cheeses are great to just eat or use in your daily cooking, but also make a fantastic gift for someones Christmas stocking, dinner party or for some crackers on Christmas eve!

Why we love it? We tried a few wheels earlier this year and we were blown away by the flavours! The way it is presented also makes for a very special gift. The Black Bomber is a favourite of many.

You can find out more about the 3 wheels of Snowdonia Cheese (200g) and buy them at this link – Snowdonia Cheese Wheels

Berghaus Rucksack

The Berghaus Twentyfourseven Plus 30 is a hardwearing and functional 30 litre daysack designed to keep you organised when on the hills, in the woodlands or up the mountains. It has dedicated sleeves meaning that there is a place for everything, perfect for those that enjoy a walk in and around the North Wales scenery! Suitable for men and women!

Why we love it? It is light but hardwearing. Works a dream up and around the mountains of Snowdonia for hiking supplies.

To find out more and purchase the Berghaus Rucksack, go here – Berghaus Twentyfourseven Rucksack

Dog Treat Gift Box

The box contains Pawsecco, 2 Billy and Margot Treats and 2 Pooch and Mutt treats. This makes the perfect gift for any one celebrating a doggy birthday or maybe a welcome home gift.

Why we love it? North Wales is full of dog lovers. And our pooches deserve something this Christmas too!

You can find out more about the Dog Treat Gift Box and purchase it for your pooch this year at the following link – Dog Treat Gift Set

Clogau Gold Fairy Small Locket on a Chain

Wales’ own premium gold brand, Clogau presents the Gold Fairy Small Locket on a Chain. A very beautiful necklace that would be perfect for someone special this Christmas. It contains a touch of rare Welsh gold mined from the mountains of Snowdonia.

Why we love it? Clogau Gold is Wales’ royal gold contains unique Welsh dragon and Clogau marks.

You can find out more and buy this locket & chain, go here – Clogau Gold Fairy Small Locket on a Chain

Welsh Dragon Shirt Cufflinks – Gold or Silver

Pairs of Welsh Dragon Cufflinks available in both Gold and Silver. Looking smart and representing our beloved Wales even at the smartest of occasions.

Why we love it? Well we love the Welsh dragon and what it stands for. It is also a great conversation starter at formal occasions!

For details about the Welsh Dragon Cufflinks, go here – Welsh Dragon Shirt Cufflinks

Recycled Wool Rug Picnic Blanket – Welsh Woolen Mill

Woven in a traditional Welsh Woolen Mill, these blankets make for a perfect picnic blanket, throw or blanket just to keep you warm this winter!

Why we love it? We love the fact it is woven in a Welsh woolen mill, meaning we can take a bit of Wales with us anywhere. (Whether that is out for a picnic, or just for a snooze on the sofa).

If you want to find out more and buy this blanket, go here – Recycled Wool Rug Picnic Blanket

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